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S.T.R.A.  BOARD  OF  DIRECTORS  FOR  2019-2020

PRESIDENT:       Kelly Quibell-                         Box 238,  Broadview,Sk.  SOC  OKO        696-6666

VICE-PRES:        Clint Anderson-                       Box 406,  Esterhazy, Sk.     SOA  OXO     74-7822

SEC.TRES:         Ellie Quam-                              Box 578,  Grenfell,Sk.     SOG 2BO           697-3143            


Ryan Dunn-                                459-7588

Brady Chappel-                          631-9317

 Bart Spencer-                             339-8262

 Katrina McCuaig-                     268-5725

 Layne Giofu

Ty Paton-                                    482-7819

Lacey Jordison-                          630-6229