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                   The S.T.R.A ( Saskatchewan Team Roping Association) was founded in 1976. We currently have 170 Members. We also have a website for members to access information about upcoming ropings, standings, member list and sponsor list.

                   If you are interested in being a Sponsor, your name will be put up on the website plus if you have a banner, it will be displayed at the Finals.

                   Our Association is very family oriented when every member from age 7 to 70+ can rope and have fun.

                  If you become a Sponsor, your name or logo is stamped on the Saddle, breast collar or saddle pad whichever you prefer to sponsor.

                               $200.00                         Sponsor breast collars, buckles and saddle pads.

                              $1,000.00                      Sponsor 1/2 of a saddle

                              $2,000.00                      Sponsors a whole saddle

             Thank you for taking the time to consider being a Sponsor for the S.T.R.A finals.

                            Sincerely Ellie Quam

                                 306-697-3143 or 306-451-7710                e-mail is