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PAYOUT   (   NEW  )

    The Producer can pay whatever he wants for Fastime, as long as it is advertised in the paper. In a Progressive Roping, only one fastime is paid in rounds that are not progressive.

    Average monies are determined after the stock charge, office charge & fastimes have been deducted from the total Entry fee Monies.

          $800 & Under-               You pay three monies:          50%,  30%,   20%

          $801-$1,100                  You pay four monies:            40%,  30%,  20%,  10%

          $1,101-$1,500              You pay five monies:             30%, 25%, 20%, 15% & 10%

          $1,501 & Over-             You pay six monies:              29%,  24%,  19%,  14%,  9%,  5%


                  Stock Charge is  $9 per run & $4.50  for progressive runs. At a Round Robin roping, stock charge is 33% of the pot.

            Office Charge is $5 per team.  At a Round Robin it is $7 per person.  2/3 goes to the timers, 1/3 goes to the Flagger.

              You must charge every roper .50 each time they enter. This works out to a $1.00 a team. At a Round Robin it is $2 per person. This money is returned to the Secretary of the S.T.R.A. for the Awards Fund.

               Memberships are $80 per person and this includes a second number. Family Memberships are $150, as long as the child is 18 years of age & under, as of the day of the Finals in that year. Day Passes are $10. Approval Fees are $20 per day. Approval Fees are collected from the person hosting the Roping. 

         Please send results and monies collected to:    Ellie Quam, Box 578,  Grenfell,Sk.  SOG  2BO